Thursday, January 04, 2007

Motivated Moms

Well at the suggestion of a friend, I joined this thing called Motivated Moms. I like it. It is this daily planner for the whole year that tells you what household tasks to do. Each week you have your daily chores, such as laundry, dishes, sweep kitchen, wipe off counters, feed pets, read to children etc.. Then it gives you random "tasks" to TRY to accomplish each day. For example, tuesday was vacuum the main living area/1st floor, change towels in kitchen and bathroom, clean out microwave. Then Wed. might be clean all toilets, mop kitchen, clean off master bedroom dresser and dust. I like it because instead of saying Clean the whole bathroom, it says do toilets. Instead of vacuum whole house, it says living area one day, bedrooms the next day. Of course you can do more or less. I have been circling the things I don't get done and plan to catch up over the weekend with DH's help. It was 8.00 a year to download the weekly pages. I think it will be well worth it. I hope it helps me get the house in better order.

Tonight we have MNO (Moms Night Out). We are going to Old Chicago for Pizza and beer. YEAH! I love pizza and I love beer! We also do our cooking club swap at the same time, so we come home with tasty food. We usually have about 15 moms come. Lap babies are welcome, but no other kids.

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