Thursday, January 25, 2007

Babies playing together...

My babies play so nicely together now. I love it!! :) One funny thing they do is Gioia will lead Dominic around by this red sweater belt I have. She uses it as a "rope" and they will march around hanging onto it together. Also Dominic loves to mock her. She will say MINE and he says MINE. Or pretty much anything else, he tries to say it. Right now he is playing in a box we brought groceries home in. He just fits inside it. He loves the silly thing. Today we went up to Fantastic Sams to get my hair cut. I gave Gioia a sucker and Dominic a piece of candy cane and they sit perfectly still and never moved the whole time I was getting my haircut. It was a small victory for me and I told them how happy they made me to sit still like that. It really was a great moment. I love little moments like that. My stupid video camera is broken. I have to send it in for repair. SO of course I am missing all these sweet things my little man is doing now.

Last night Gioia woke in the middle of the night and cried out Daddy! I need you to snuggle me. He was more than happy to oblige. Getting a full sized matteress for her was the best thing we ever did. Seriously. This week we worked on numbers. Gioia is learning to write 3, 4 and 5. Tomorrow we might try 6 and 7. She did awesome writing number 4. 3 was kind of hard but thats ok. I had to help her with 5. No worries, she is 3.5. :) I think my mom is coming next week to sit in on Gioia's dance class. I hope she won't be too excited to see Grandma to dance. I bet she does ok.

Here is your moment of cuteness for the week.

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