Friday, January 19, 2007

She said..

This morning Gioia said “Daddy I like your fat tummy. You drink wine and coffee just like papaw. And biscuits and gravy.” HA HA! Then he said that during the night he went in to snuggle her and when he moved over to get more comfortable she said, “Daddy don’t try to get away from me cause I love you.” What a sweetie. She was also impressing us yesterday by writting her own name and she also wrote Mom. :) Smartie pants. Dominic pulled a metal reindeer candle holder on himself and has a black eye now. Poor guy.

Today is hubby's birthday. I got him a Plasma ball and some self-corking beer bottles, for his beer making. We also had a Tiramasu our friend the chef made. It is divine! He had an interview for a new job today. He really wants it. I think its in the bag, what a nice birthday present that would be! He may not find out anything more until Monday though. He had to buy a new suit for the interview and he looked SHARP! Maybe they will hire him just cause he is good-looking. HA HA!!

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