Monday, January 01, 2007

Crazy Holidays and Dial up connections

I guess I have really been missing in action these last two weeks. WHEW!! Where to beginning?

Christmas: For christmas week we went to my sisters house and had christmas time with my dad and family. It was a great time, but we all came down with sinus colds. Yuck! Then we were preparing to go to Iowa when we found out my sister-in-laws family (whom we were going to stay with) were all barfing with the flu. DOUBLE YUCK! We almost scrapped it all and drove home, but decided at the last minute to go to my Mother-in-laws house. We spent christmas with her and the kids still had a good time. We then came home for 3 days and took off again.

New Years: We went to my Moms house for New Years weekend. Had the annual family Christmas at Grandmas house with all the cousins. Gioia had a great time and all the toddlers are a riot. We laughed so hard. Then for New Years eve we all partied at my Moms house. It was pretty fun. Dominic fell asleep at 9:30 and Gioia made it until 11pm. Then we slept over at Grandma Leotas while the other crazy adults partied at moms until 2am. My BIL had a run in with the Jaggermeister which resulted in sharpie tattoos and many incriminating pictures to be taken of him. All in all, good times. :) We came home with half a cow and 20 lbs of deer burger. YUM!! My freezer is full.

NOw I am exhausted and am off to bed. I will post more tomorrow and some pictures of our holiday fun!

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