Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Into January..

Busy week so far. Gioia resumed her dance classes today and they did not get suckers as usual, they got stamps on their hands. Their teacher said they didn't listen well and stand on the dance line, so no suckers. 2 weeks off is alot of 3 year olds, it was like the 1st class all over again. Oh well they had fun. We are still battling colds here. The kids are mostly over it, but now I have it. Bah!

Dominic is really talking now and it is adorable. His favorite thing to say is "Me-up!" (Pick me up!) He can also say Daddy, Mommy, Do-a (Gioia), Ti-ti (kitty). Today he was reading a book to himself. He also dances and he really gets down! He will spin in a circle and clap his hands. He also signs and says "Nur-ney" (Nursing). He signs several things like book, please, and wash.

Tonight we are watching the Da Vinci Code. Good movie! It really gives a person alot to think about. I have come to realize in a very short time that things are never straight forward. Someone is always pushing their agenda, in religion, medicine, government. It is really disturbing. Sometimes I feel like I am in an old twilight zone, where all the people are kept in the dark ages cause we are too stupid to deal with reality.

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Kara said...

"Do-a" aww, how cute is that?!