Thursday, February 01, 2007

National Pork Board vs. Lactivism

WHAT A BUNCH OF MORONS!!! This has me really pissed off. I understand trademark issues and copyright issues. But seriously people. The National Pork Board is trying to bully a Stay at Home Mom that made some shirts that said Boob The other white Milk. I happen to have one of these shirts and I love it! In fact, I am going to wear the damn thing pretty much 24/7 now. Here is a quote off her blog:
Now let me make one important point. I don't much care about selling the shirt. In fact, CafePress had removed it from the site before I ever even saw the letter from the law firm. It really doesn't matter to me if I ever sell it again. It's certainly not the cleverest slogan I've come up with so it's no big loss. What I'm ticked about is that rather than taking two seconds to send me a nice email to request that I remove it, they came in guns a blazin' with a lawyer crafted nasty gram that actually includes the phrase "We trust that after you have reviewed this matter, you will conclude that the better course is to promptly comply with National Pork Board's demands herein."
Man, I also have to miss the Nurse-in at Walmart this weekend. I made a bunch of newsletters and fliers for the gals to hand out. Similac is sponsoring a Nutrition seminar to teach people how to feed their babies. I could teach that "lift shirt, latch on baby. Voila!" Anyway, some of my awesome AP mommas are going to go do exactly that and hand out REAL information, that includes numbers for the Le Leche League and other info on breastfeeding.


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