Friday, February 09, 2007

Big Pork does the right thing.

Wow! Just wow! I am happy to report that big business did the right thing. Remember the stay at home mom that we talked about in a previous post? Well she got 2 more letters this week. The first from The Pork Board, apologizing for the rude way they handled the intital letter. Also a second letter to her attorney, that talked about how they would also have a fundraiser for the Ohio Milk Bank to help out. Read the full story here. Yay pork, Yay breastfeeding.

On a not so happy breastfeeding note, I got to listen to my mom and my stepdad talk about how I should wean my son. :( Also my stepdad made some idiotic comment about how he was getting a "double shot" of dairy from my milk and cows milk. Dude, news flash, human milk doesn't have dairy in it unless the mother is eating dairy. Not the same thing. He went on to say if I weaned then my son could drink cows milk. Hmm.. he has ezcema that we believe is caused/aggravated by dairy. AHHH! Whatever... (and this will make you laugh. He is a farmer! :) ha ha!)

I am very unhappy with the nighttime situation. D is still nursing at night and he also kicks the crap outta me. Someone suggested that I let him sleep on my husbands side of the bed. We might try that. Make the boob a little less accessable. We also introduced the binky back at night. I hope it works cause he is driving me crazy. I really want him to self wean and he is such a mommas boy, I am afraid it will break his heart if i night wean him. I know my AP friends will understand this line of thinking.

Anna Nicole? Dead or faking it? She has a legal issue filed against her and trim spa, she is trying to keep the old mans money, she has a legal issue surrounding her baby. Her son died? Here is the other thing, she had a "private nurse" that found her, her bodyguard was the one to give her CPR and how hard would it be to pay off a coroner really? With all the crap she has been through lately, who would blame her for pulling a Biggie Smalls and vanishing. But maybe she isn't (wasn't?) that strong. Maybe she took a bunch of drugs.... Its disturbing either way.

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