Thursday, February 08, 2007

Japenese Steakhouse

We had Moms Night Out at Hikari last night. Its a Japense Steakhouse in Overland Park. It is really good. DH and I used to go there all the time back before we were married with kids. It was great. They give you soup, small salad, meat, veggies, and rice. It is all cooked on the grill in front of you and they are very entertaining. We had a good turnout, 15 moms. That is about our normal group. We had been talking a few days ago about donuts. How many donuts could you eat if they weren't bad for you? Oh a dozen easy I said!! SO on the way to MNO last night we drove past Krisipe Kreme, I made Teri pull in and we got a dozen donuts for dessert! HA HA!! Everyone really thought it was funny! It was a big hit!

Saturday we are taking the kids to an Italian Class for preschoolers. They are going to work on learning colors and maybe numbers too? Watch an Italian cartoon and the mom doing the program will be speaking in Italian. Gioia has been picking up new words every day. It is really awesome.

DH starts a new job in a few weeks and we are excited.

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