Monday, May 25, 2009

Up? Down? North? South?

Indecision is the word of the day. Or maybe its poop....we will get to that later.

After hearing about the obstacles facing us in financing our new home building, we are now looking at all our options. Since houses are such a bargain these days, why don't we buy another house, says my husband. WHAT!? Well, wait he has a pretty good idea. If we could buy a foreclosed house, or something on some acres maybe that would be a good thing. Even better if we could find a earth contact or other energy efficient type of thing. OR we could still rent for a year in a house and save, save, save and try again to build next year. Regardless we are going to have to move more than one time. I am ok with that.

Now on to the poop. I know you all are waiting on the edge of your seat. Today, after we woke up, I was reading online on the computer and baby was sitting on the floor playing happily. He started fussing and I look down. He was in a mess of poop all over the carpet! AAAHH! So I change him, his clothes, wash his legs, feet and hands. Yes his hands...ewww!! It was a real mess so I didn't even try to clean the carpet, instead I was planning to call my friends down the street with a steam cleaner. About an hour later we are making breakfast and he has a blow out on the carpet again! DOUBLE GRRRR!!!! WTF, Mate??

Oh, but we aren't down yet. So I borrow the steam cleaner and get the carpet all clean. Then Gioia comes to me with wet hands and says "Is it pee?" I was like, "I don't know, go wash your hands." She says, "I can't the bathroom floor is wet. " Uh, what???!!! Yes, the toilet overflowed and the bathroom was soaked, it also dripping through the vent onto the basement floor. So we spent some time cleaning that up.

So. I am done. Done with poop and cleaning up messes for today.

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