Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers day on the farm.

The rain held off on Mothers Day so we were able to spend the day at the farm. We headed out in the morning and had a weinie roast. Gioia spent most of the time in her favorite climbing tree. Our fruit trees are doing great. The rain has been nice for them. We have 3 more trees that we had to decide where to plant. For now we are just planting them down the property line. We walked around the property, finding plenty of poison ivy. That has to go. I am highly allergic to it. The little neighbor dog came and walked with us for a bit. He is a little Toto dog. I got a few nice pictures. The first is looking towards the back of the property. Our piece goes all the way back to the farthest trees. The second pictures is looking towards the front, the van is parked by the road.

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