Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So the ticks are already bad this year. Great. Every time we go to our land one of the kids gets a tick on them. They are the teeny tiny microscopic deer ticks. Yuck. I am going to try to remember the bug spray from now on to see if it helps. Gioia has had two, Dominic one, and now Luca one.

Luca's I found yesterday after we had been there for Mothers Day. It was on the back of his neck. So i get the tweezers and try to get it off. I broke and the head was still stuck. Now, however, it is even a tinier object than before. Great. :( I called the Dr. and they said 99 dollars just to come in about it. Forget it! 100 dollars? Seriously? Maybe I will just pay a neighbor 50 bucks to hold my kid down and get this off him. Give me a break. Anyway, at bedtime I was able to finally get it off. I actually just used my fingernail and worked it out. I slathered a little antibiotic cream on him and we are tick free. Until next time.

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Anonymous said...

Keep an eye on the bite marks. If it grows dark around the mark like a "bullseye" it means lime disease- and a ton of antibiotics for it.