Friday, May 22, 2009

The saga begins.

SO we have a contract on our house! Hooray! Now the moving/building stage begins. I have heard horrible stories about couples building house and I am determined that will not happen to us. DH and I are pretty smart people. We like to research things, come up with creative solutions and do new things. With all that in mind I think we can make this all work.

I have a plan that every night we will work about 30 minutes together on house stuff. We also might assign each other certain tasks and things to get accomplished during the week. This way we are chipping away at things a little at a time and not stressing, putting things off or arguing.

Today I sent an email for some radiant heat/geothermal pricing. DH made a call to a guy who might end up being our builder. He also called our friend in the mortgage business. Here is where we cue the hysterical laughing. Mike said that none of his lenders are doing construction loans right now. OUCH! Uh.... well that sucks. But apparently established builders like the man we called are not having problems getting loans. Also we called the bank that gave us our land loan and they said it should not be a problem getting a loan with them, since we are customers already. WHEW! Ok. So we have some options.

I found a few listing on Craigslist for rentals that I am going to call later today or tomorrow.

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