Sunday, May 17, 2009

New jersey folks and cousins.

My sister had her wedding reception this weekend. Congrats Mel and Scott! It was so fun. My cousin surprised us with a visit. He is in the Air Force and we didn't expect to see him. I got to meet tons of Scotts family for the first time. He has an Uncle from New Jersey named Mike. Uncle Mike had never been on a farm before. He loved it. He had also never been to a dance/wedding reception in a hay barn, with a live band. He kept saying it was unique. :) I guess the band played until 1:30. Their tour bus is an old school bus. My kids were playing in it Sunday morning. The band was too drunk to pack up and drive home so their girlfriends and such took them all home. This is called being country. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried! LOL!! When the band was setting up they let Dominic take a whack at the drums. He was so excited. The drummer said he was really impressed and Dominic has good rhythm.

The pictures below: Melanie and Scott, Gioia and Rory (Scotts niece) they were peas in a pod, and Dominic drumming.

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