Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Powell Gardens

Last week we went to Powell Gardens with some homeschool friends. It was really great. I didn't get to see it all because we left when Luca got sleepy. Its an hour drive so I really needed him to sleep in the car. We took a guided nature walk and it was great. Very age appropriate (Pre-K and K) and we saw great things.

This giant pile of dirt is actually an ant hill. The kids were really intrigued by it.

It had been wet, so we saw lots and lots of snails.

After the hike, we played in the fountains. Gioia found this pool full of tadpoles. Each of those black specks is a tadpole.

And finally the highlight of the day! Playing in the fountains! I love this picture. The fountain would get small then big again. As it got bigger and higher the kids ran from it screaming in delight. :)

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