Thursday, May 21, 2009

Handme down clothes.

Handme down clothes are the best thing since sliced bread. Not only do they save parents TONS of money, but it is convenient too. Today my daughter was complaining that she had no shorts. So I decided to go through the stuff my sister in law had given me. Since Gioia has been born, we literally have never had to outfit her. Barb has given us all her girls clothes. We occasionally buy a new dress, underpants or PJ's, but thats about it. Again, we hit the pay load a summers worth of clothes and winter as well in a box.

Dominic hasn't always been so lucky as we don't have lots of boys to recieve handme downs from. This last season though a friend had some 3T-4T stuff. So I said I would like them. Dominic was so excited this morning when he got his own box of clothes to go through. He is also outfitted for summer and the upcoming winter.

We have continued the tradition by passing on Gioia's clothes when she outgrows them. Dominics are being saved for Luca.

Oh and do I even need to mention the headache it saves not having to take small children shopping for clothes. OY! Thank you Lord! And Thanks to everyone who has ever given us kid clothes!

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