Thursday, January 29, 2009

Works in Progress.

I have too many works in progress and I don't like that. I like to finish things. It gives me a satisfaction. I also get excited to do new projects. I guess that is why I have so many going at once.

1. Mile-a-minute quilt. I am going to finish the quilting and binding on it this week/weekend.
2. KCAP quilt - I am hoping to work on it (possibly finish it) all of next week.
3. Slideshow quilt - I am making the top.
4. Blue Flannel sling - I need to make it in the next week or two.
5. 2 storage cubes - One big and one small. I need more cardboard to put in the sides.
6. Rag quilt. I was starting this, but am putting it off until the first 5 projects are complete.

Hopefully I can update with some finished products soon!

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