Wednesday, January 14, 2009


My moms group does lots of Coops. We are all thrifty mamas and who doesn't like to share a good deal with friends. So my hubby and I did a honey coop. My husbands friend is here locally and sells honey. It is delicious. So he said he would cut us a deal if we could sell the whole drum. That is 55 gallons of honey. Luckily for us this was easy because several of our friends make mead or beer. They use the honey for this. Anyway, we ended up selling that much honey. I collected the money which was also no big deal thanks to the wonders of Paypal. Collecting the jugs was a little more of a headache, but got it done. So Monday the honey was delivered back to us, divided. Today I met with everyone and gave them their jugs back, full of honey.

WHew! Only one jug got broken. It was glass and cold. Also my DH was smart enough to put down a tarp in the car. The honey was contained onto that. The jar of honey was not salvageable because I was afraid the honey would have glass in it. The jar broke right down the middle in several pieces. OY! My friend cut her finger but nothing serious.

All in all it was not too bad. Although next time I think we will up the price a dollar or whatever the cost and just have the jugs provided from the honey man.

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