Friday, January 02, 2009


Lets see. I planned to get a lot of stuff done this week, but not so much has taken place. I am planning on sewing like a mad woman in the next two days. I have several things I would like to get finished. I DID finish two more slings. I have one lent out that I think the lady will buy. I have another mom that wants to buy one. Then a third that I was referred to and I am not sure if she will buy one. I hope so. YEAH! I love it when people buy slings. :)

The sewing I was planning to do was quilting. I have two tops ready to finish. My quilt swap quilt and a mile-a-minute scrap quilt. That one is more difficult because i need to rip out the portion I did quilt (which is AWFUL) and then redo it. Ugh.

For New Years eve, we just stayed home and hung out with some friends. It was mellow and fun. Then today we went to our land and had a weine roast. I am so glad we went. The temp was in the 50's and no wind. It was really nice to get outside.

On the downside, my GPS was stolen out of my car, in front of my house. Assholes. The police took a report and said I have a decent chance of getting it back since I had the serial number for it. I guess Pawn Shops have to call the serial numbers in. We will see. I just wanted it on record in case they had other thefts in the area.


Kararific said...

Who IS that baby?

He's SO big and changed SO much!

Tresa said...

Yeah. He looks like a little kid! Not a little baby!

Gorgeous, though. :D