Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Quilt for my sister.

I just realized I never posted the finished quilt I gave my sister for Christmas. I was looking back through my posts and I finished the quilt top in Jan. 08. Got it finished quilting in December. Oy! I will do better with future quilts.

So here it is. I was not sure I did the right thing by picking the pink binding. My sister really liked the pink on it though and thats what matters.

I got some background fabric and was working on a new quilt. I had it all cut out and realized it looked awful together. The background fabric has a print on it and it clashes with the main fabric. UGH. So I am making two of the same quilt now I guess. I don't like to do that. Once I finish on I want to move on. Anyway, I got some other fabric to go with the background pieces and I am working on that now.

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k sime said...

gorgeous quilt!