Sunday, January 11, 2009

House project.

I am getting really excited about our house project. We need to finish up some odds and ends around here, mostly like paint touch up and small repairs. Then we are planning to list our house for sale in March! WOO hoO! I know it will arrive quickly so we are doing little by little.

We met with a builder i found. He does these Insulate Concrete Forms to build the house. The prices are great! We are really excited. Our friends that are building came and talked to him as well. For us, it depends on when and if our current house sells. When it does (thinking positive) we are going to move to a rental and start building. It would be super if we were in by next fall/winter. The house itself would go up (walls, foundations, windows) in about a month. Then the roof and finishing the inside would take the longest. I know lots of contractors looking for work, so I think that will not be a problem.

Had Bunco Saturday night. That was fun. A much needed Moms Night out. I had Luca with me of course, we are never apart at this point for more than an hour. He is such a lovebug. A very sweet baby.

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Abby said...

wow, jaime!!!! that is so amazing!!! how fun and exciting for you guys. :)