Monday, January 12, 2009

Current excitement.

One of my goals with this blog is to keep a record of little things the kids are doing or interested in.

Last night we went to Target to exchange a few Christmas things. Gioia got a My Little Pony that came with two sets of clothes that are plastic and kind of snap on. It is a birthday pony with a cake. So she has been playing with that all day and night. She really is not into dolls. She got a Hannah Montana barbie type doll for Christmas. She was excited at first but hasn't really played with it. I told her you could change her clothes and stuff. She doesn't really care. She likes to play with animals mostly ponys, horses, dinosaurs, etc..

Dominic got new underpants and is excited for them. They are Madagascar themed. Size 4T. Why are underwear sizes so off from clothes sizes? The boy is 3 but wears 2T pants, some 3's are starting to fit now. But size 4T underwear? Weird. Also why are the characters on the butt of the underwear instead of the front? Dominic always puts them on backwards because he wants to see the print.

Luca has obtained more muscle control and can now grab his toes. It was an amazing discovery for him and he talked to them for quite a while. :) He is also trying to sit up. He can't do it alone but he loves to be held up in that position. He is still a smiley guy. He is also still an excellent sleeper.

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