Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sewing girl.

So Gioia has really been wanting to sew. Yesterday I gave her a needle, thread and a piece of material. She folded the material in have and made a little bag. ALL on her own. WOW!! Then I said, how about a pillow. So I got two pieces and she sewed them together. Then put fluff in them and sewed it shut. Today she said she needed to make a bed to go with her pillow. For that we made a bigger "pillow" type thing. It looks great! I have some pictures that I will get put on here hopefully tomorrow.

Also this weekend she went skating with her dad. They went Sunday and had a great time together. He said she was skating fast and doing really well. I think they have a standing Sunday date for this from now on. She got her own skates for her birthday and has been practicing in the house forever.

I had the brillant if not late idea to put some big kid onesies on Dominic. He has a really bad habit (like every second of the day) of having his hand down his pants. Playing with himself. No amount of my yelling at him all day was stopping it. So I put the onesie on him today and he quit! This evening he has been in underpants and I noticed him going for it again. So we will keep the onesies on for a while. Now, just so you know I don't care if he plays with his penis. However, this was like out of control, playing with it at the kitchen table, every second of the day, and out in public. No good. I am glad we are finding a solution.

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