Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fixed a coat.

Doesn't so super exciting does it. Well it was a job! That is for sure. My dad asked me to fix his new coat. It was about 2-3 inches too short for him. It is a heavy duty chore coat for the farm. Quilted on the inside. The coat is green. My mom found a pair of old coveralls, same material but tan. I thought it would look crappy when done, but was assured that it was just for work and they didn't care. Ok. So I put it off for weeks. Then I did it today. It was much easier than I thought and actually came out looking decent. Not something I would want someone to examine for perfection. But it will work and it doesn't look stupid. :)

I also got an order for 2 doll slings. So i did that tonight as well. I can get so much more accomplished when the kids are in bed. On that note I am heading off to bed as well.

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