Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mile-a-minute quilt DONE!

Ok. I made a list 2 weeks ago. I did finish the first task on my list. Finishing my Mile-a-minute quilt. I have to be honest. It was not as fast as the instructions or name makes it sound. I think I do better with a pattern, instead of just sewing all the scraps together. But it is done and looks pretty great.
I used a green sheet for the back of it. This method is nice because the fabric is all one piece and it is actually cheaper to buy a set of sheets than to buy a large amount of fabric. The downside is a sheet is more slippery when quilting it, IMO. So it has a couple wrinkles quilted in on the back. I don't like that but it looks better now that i washed it. Also I quilted it with a leaf and vine pattern. You can click the picture to get a closer look.


Allison said...

Great job on the quilt. I have about 20 blocks of mine done and need about 40 more. I haven't pulled mine out for months.

I'm also trying to finish up some unfinished projects.

Sarah said...

This is a beautiful quilt!

Jill Cook said...

I love the way the mile-a-minute quilt turned out. Your quilts are inspiring!