Tuesday, October 07, 2008

October already.

Wow. Where did the summer go? Didn't I just announce that I was pregnant? Now I have a baby here already and the summer is history. The days just go faster each year. We are doing really well around here.

The anniversary date went great! The big kids went to play with friends for a few hours. DH, baby and I went out for a fancy dinner. We went to Tatsu French Restaurant. It was expensive, but OOHH SOO good. Plus it was an adult place. One of those places were people do not take children, of course the newborn baby is welcome. One old lady took him from my arms to hold him. DH said it probably made her evening to hold such a tiny baby. I agree. It didn't offend me. I like to share my baby snuggles with other people. The picture above is the flowers DH got me for the anniversary. Below is a picture of my one month old guy. ONE MONTH! Where did the time go!

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