Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hooray for sleep!

Night before last, Luca went to sleep on his tummy and slept for 4 hours! I was so surprised when I looked at the clock. After nursing and diaper change he slept on his side for 3 hours. Nice one! I was hoping this trend would continue and guess what. Last night was 4 hours and then I think 3 again, but I do know that I only changed his diaper twice each night and only nursed 2-3 times. Great for the sleep. Not so great for the boobs. Man, that makes them hurt. I thought they would explode. HA HA! Oh well I will take the sleep any day. He did sleep the first part of the night on his tummy again.

Later today we are going to Kaleidoscope. I am excited to take the kids there.

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