Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dominic had a tooth pulled.

For those that don't know the whole story. Dominic had a front tooth that got chipped, cavity filled, then died and got infected.

So today was the day for them to take it out. It couldn't have gone any better. We went to our Gardner Homeschool meetup and played for a bit. My mom met us there and we went to the appointment. Gioia stayed and went home with a friend that was babysitting her.

I gave Dominic some prescription medicine that was supposed to make him drowsy, it did. He almost went to sleep on the drive there. At the dentist office they gave him NO (Laughing Gas). He was concerned at first but the mask had a thing in it that smelled like bubblegum so he liked that. I asked the assistant if he would go to sleep. She said Oh no, I doubt it. But HE DID! So he was sleep. The dentist came in and numbed his lip up. He didn't wake up. He pulled the tooth and all that. D slept through it all. I think it helped that it was a 2pm appointment so it was nap time anyway. Afterwards he woke up and got his egg (they have presents in little plastic eggs), a pudding cup to take home and his tooth.

We didn't tell him that they were pulling the tooth. I didn't reveal that until we were home and he could look in the mirror.

Luca slept the whole time in the waiting room with my mom. He woke up right when we were finished and we nursed.

All in all it was great and I would recommend Dr. Praters office to others. He is a older man and was kind of blunt the first time we were there. But since I understand his mannerism now I can appreciate that he knows what he is doing and is FAST which is excellent when you are dealing with small children.

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