Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Is it over yet? Seriously. I am getting so tired of hearing about it. Most people have already made up there minds, so I can't wait for the voting to be over. Our current administration sucks balls. How is that for eloquently put? But really there is no other way to describe it except in the Jr. High foul mouth it deserves. Bush is a war mongering, money grubbing, oil wasting moron. There is more but those are the main points. This election will be historical since either a black man will be president, or there will be a woman VP. Either way will be firsts for our country.

And on the issue of oil wasting. I find it comical and a bit scary that my husband can build a totally electric car in 6 months for around $9,000 that gets around 70 miles per charge. This is with bottom of the list batteries. I mean the batteries are fine, but they are not the super cool high mileage batteries. They are reqular batteries. For around 25,000 (the cost of a new car) he could build a kick ass electric car that gets probably 300 miles per charge. So he can do this in 6 months but the car companies can't make an all electric car that is affordable. OH WAIT! SILLY ME. Yes they can. They don't want to. Our current government supports oil, so they give no incentives to try or switch over. GRR!!!


Abbie said...

I totally agree about the car issue...have you seen "Who killed the Electric Car"? It is a GREAT documentary about how GM actually had electric cars made years ago and then pulled them from their lines (as in physically took them away from the renters) the SAME YEAR they acquired the rights to start selling the Hummer. If you and your husband haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend that you rent it or buy it.

Mamaperreca said...

Yes abbie. That is what originally fired us up to make the electric car.