Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Having 3 kids.

I have kind of figured something out today. My routine....which is loosely that, has to change. I was getting a little frustrated because sometimes I just want to do something for 5 to 10 minutes and someone (usually the baby) won't let me. Of course there are things that can't change. For example, I have to make breakfast, lunch and dinner. But the baby likes to be held a lot. He really won't sleep in the bed or other place without me. He will sleep like a rock in the wrap or sling. He will also sleep well if I am in the bed with him. I am totally ok with this. However, that means during the day if I try to lay him down he cries. I know that this will only last a few months. Once he becomes mobile and able to be played with I have two excellent helpers for that. Also I have the challenge of homeschooling my kids. I feel like I need to do it with a little more purpose now that Gioia has turned 5. She is learning so fast and doing so great I feel like I really need to start challenging her and also make the lesson fun enough that Dominic can participate or at least listen in.

So I am going to try to do more holding baby and reading to the kids, holding baby and helping with crafts, holding baby and doing Italian, etc.. I will try to not worry about the housework until DH gets home. Then I can do it while he plays with the kids. It will be less frustrating that way. Right now, I will lay the baby down and he is asleep. I try to put away the dishes/clothes/whatever and only get a few minutes into it and baby cries.

Hark. Baby is fussing. :) Ok. Gotta go.

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