Monday, October 27, 2008

Date night.

Saturday night DH and I went out for date night. We went to a nice restaurant (with baby) and then afterwards we went to Whole Foods. Thats right. We went to the grocery store, BUT got to take our time looking, didn't have to chase kids and baby was asleep. NICE ONE! The kids got to do something really cool. Gioia's gymnastic teachers sponsor a Parents Night Out once a month. It was $30 for our family for 6-10pm. The kids got pizza, juice and dessert (cookie). They get to play on the gymnastic equipment. There are probably 30 different riding toys, trampoline, moonbounce, and various climbing things. When we got there at 9pm the kids did NOT want to leave. They had so much fun. I love it too, because it is Gioia's teachers so I totally trust them. Next one is Nov. 15th and I am already going to sign them up for it. Maybe next month we will do something more risque than grocery shopping. Also Dominic was excited that he was old enough to go as well. He always wants to participate when Gioia goes to gymnastics.

Then sunday all took a 3 hour nap. WOW! After that we carved pumpkins. I made homemade pizza and later we watched a movie. FUN!

Today is a lazy hang out at home day. Tomorrow we have our homeschool group. They are having a speaker talk to the older kids about internet and personal safety.

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