Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New camera

I got my new camera today! I am so excited!! Yesterday it was supposed to be delivered. I was home all day because I had to sign for it. It never came. So I check Fed Ex tracking and it says it will be delivered on Tuesday (today). Great. I was supposed to be gone from 10-3 today. I asked my neighbor to sign for it and a note on the door. But guess what!?! It came at 3;30pm when I was home. OH HAPPY DAY! I didn't really get a chance to use it much today. But tomorrow! Oh boy. I am going to take pictures all day.

I got this camera. CLICK HERE> I did not pay that price for it. I paid less. I got an awesome deal. I am really happy. I had 100 dollars from my birthday. DH sold a car part for about half the camera price. Anyway. We spent little out of pocket. It was present for having a baby. Isn't my hubby awesome?!! Not mothers day, but Thanks for going through all that and having our baby present.

On that baby note, we had our 6 week appointment today ( a week and 1/2 late). Luca weighed 11 lb 7 oz. I am back down to my regular weight. Got a new pair of jeans this weekend and I look awesome! Another shout out for breastfeeding and weight loss. HA HA! Also I had the most gentle, quick and comfortable Well Woman exam of my life! You know how you dread it? Well no more. It was very nice. I will go back to my midwife for this service in the future.

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