Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Viewing Day

Today was Gioia's dance class viewing day. It was so fun. The girls danced on the stage and the parents got to sit and watch it. They just did what they normally do for their class. It was cute. I videotaped it of course. For their recital they are doing "Walk the Dinosaur". The theme for the recital is Totally 80's!

We had a meeting last night for approval of the land split that needed to be done so we can buy our property in Missouri. There were several neighbors there all worried about it and protesting it. It still passed because no one really had a valid reason for it not to. Most were just worried we would divide it further and make a subdivision. UM NOT!! Damn that is why we are buying the land. But of course, I understand their concern and they don't know us. I hope that when they see how well we take care of the land, planting trees, gardening and such they will appreciate us as neighbors.

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