Monday, January 28, 2008

Skate City

My sister and I took Gioia skating Sunday afternoon. It was really fun. G had about forgot how to do it but by the time we were done she was doing pretty good. Her favorite thing was the Chicken Dance. We had some pizza there and a great time. There were at least 5 kids having birthday parties. Our original plan was to go ice skating but she chickened out on that. She said she didn't want to fall down. So we did roller skating instead. She still fell down, but no as much.

The rest of our weekend was pretty much hanging out. We have had colds for 2 weeks and then last night Gioia threw up. Lovely. :( I hope that doesn't hang around.

I went Friday to a lunch potluck and ate some new foods. Friday afternoon I was throwing up. I asked a friend what she put in the food. Quinoa! I am allergic to it, it makes me throw up. This time I only ate two cookies with it in it. So really it was not alot. I seem to be getting more sensitive to it each time I am exposed. I am never going near it again. I will have to be alot more careful about eating new foods.

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