Sunday, January 13, 2008

Divine Romance

Wheee!!! Last night I went out to a friends house for a Divine Romance party. It is lotions, toys and other fun adult stuff. It was pretty clean since there were babies in attendance. By law she couldn't bring the really adult stuff, but you can look at the catalog or online and order it. It was still really fun. I got some Pheromone Fragrance. It smells awesome, but we found out it really relaxes my husband instead of turning him on. It is pretty funny actually. May be just what I need to wear around him, his job has been stressing him out lately. I got to see a couple friends I hadn't seen in a while. That was nice. 4 men/spouses even came. Massimo was in no way interested in going to that kind of party. As irony would have it, my parents were having a Nut fry last night. As in cow nuts, Mountain oysters and eating them. Always a good time at the nut fry. Again, not something my husband is interested in. I think he is afraid of nuts. LOL!!

Ok. This is getting way crazy for a Sunday post. So I will go now. Maybe back with pictures later.

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