Friday, January 18, 2008

I could be dieing....

OH MY GOSH! I feel like ass. NO WAIT! Before you start making the Duh your pregnant comments... this has NOTHING to do with pregnancy. I have a horrible sinus cold. My head is plugged up, yet I can breathe through my nose? What is up with that? My head hurts and feels like a migraine brought on by the pressure. Ugh. My hubby just called on the phone and he is getting me some cold medicine and I am going to go take a nap in a few minutes! YYEAHH! It sucks because normally I would kick this thing with some homeopathic meds, some Oregano Oil and a few others. Well I can't take some it when pregnant. Great. So i suffer.

Oh and did I mention that Migraines make me feel nauseous. Nice. If I puke I am absolutely sure my head with pop off. Explode. Done. So send me some feel better vibes.

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