Saturday, January 19, 2008

I just might make it after all..

Starting to feel a little more human. Ugh this has been miserable. My hubby was so sweet that he came home early yesterday and let me nap for a couple hours. Then he helped me put the kids to bed so I could go to bed early. Afrin nasal spray has been my best friend. I LOVE IT! I can breathe! AHH! I changed all the sheets and pillow cases. I hope we can keep from passing it to everyone in the house.

Today is Dh's birthday. I had some great plans, but being sick ruined that. Instead we just went to Olive Garden. It was great. We all felt pretty good today. Dh thinks he might be getting my cold but hopefully it won't be this bad for him.

Also you know how it is when you feel all sorry for yourself and you get one of those "messages". I got one today. A sweet friend from high school (a real good friend of my sister) her mother is in bad shape at KU Med right now. She is having a liver transplant tonight. So if you read this say a prayer for her. She wasn't even sick a month ago. After Christmas she thought she had the flu. NOW!? Liver Failure! It is very sad. SO say a prayer for Debbie.

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