Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cleaning frenzy!

My sister helped me get the house back under control this week. She cleaned and dusted. I took down the Christmas stuff. We moved a bookshelf to the kids room. We boxed up all my books off the shelf. We bought space bags and put alot of stuff in storage. My baby diapers, baby blankets, kids clothes they have outgrown. Mel painted a wall in the kids room that was all scratched up. We got alot of things done. Today I am doing lots of laundry and I bleached the kitchen sink. I will NEVER have another of those white kitchen sinks. I hate them! After a few days they are brown and stained. I have to get out the soft scrub and bleach it. Next time I want stainless steel that I can just wipe down.

Gonna work on some sewing too. I think I am really close to finishing my Mile-a-minute quilt. Which did not go at a mile a minute! LOL! I need seven more blocks. I know I have enough scraps to make at least one. I also have to do my 8th block for my quilt a long, sampler quilt.

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