Thursday, November 01, 2007


We survived trick or treating. Massimo ended up carrying both the kids on the last block home, but we had a good time. Dominic didn't want to give up his pumpkin full of candy and screamed when i took it from him at home. Gioia eventually fell asleep on Aunt Mel's lap around 8:45pm.

Gioia had a party at her dance class Wed. morning. We have pictures and video of that but I haven't got it developed yet. The video is priceless.

Tomorrow we will do our annual candy trade in. We let the kids pick out several pieces of candy to keep, then the rest we "trade in" for a toy at Target. Of course, I actually just leave the candy for the cashier and pay her money for the toy, but the kids don't know that and they like getting a toy to keep.

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Shawn said...

I ended up carrying bethany the last block home too. she surprise me how long she lasted. of course she has never been in possession of all that candy before! What a great idea for the candy! I wish everyone wouldnt have given us so much yummy chocolate because corey and I have been eating it all! The kiddos look cute too :)