Sunday, November 25, 2007

Success Finally!

I did it! I am so excited! I finished my first quilt. With no help from my ancient, crappy sewing machine.

I swear my seam ripper and my sewing machine are in it together. Sewing machine is playing wingman for the seam ripper. I imagine the water cooler conversation going like this:
Seam ripper: Man, i am depressed. I don't think Jaime likes me anymore.
Sewing machine: What? No dude why would you think that?
Seam ripper: She just never spends time with me. I think she doesn't love me.
Sewing machine: Must be nice. She has been wearing me out about every day. I need a break, I am not as young as I used to be. HEy.... I think I can hook you up?
Seam ripper: Really? Oh buddy i would owe you one. I mean that would be great. I haven't had any action in weeks. Its starting to get to me.
Sewing machine: Not a problem my friend. I can bind up and skip stitches and break needles like nobody's business. Watch the master work.

So on it goes and I curse and get pissed. My sewing products all the while mocking me. Still I prevailed and this is the result. I am pretty happy with it.


Sarah said...

Awesome job, Jaime! It looks amazing!

TooBIG said...

Hey just thought I would drop in and say hi, found your blog searching for other perreca's welcome to the Great blog, I'll be back.