Saturday, November 17, 2007

Looking for a place to call home.

Today we went and looked at land again. I think we might have found a winner. I LOVE the land we looked at. I would totally pay full asking price for it, but we are of course hoping to get it for less. I guess one issue is that land around there has been selling for less, so it may help us to get it for less. On the other hand, we need it to appraise to the price we buy it at, so if we pay more it has to be worth it to the bank. Everyone say a good thought for us. We really loved it and want it to work out. I am optimistic about it and think we can work a deal. We met the sellers and talked to them and they are nice folks. The dude is a definite hippie, so we can relate. I think he would find it very interesting that we want to build earth sheltered homes on the property. In case some folks don't understand, we are buying with another family and splitting the land. So the "we" I refer to is our friends, not the turd in my pocket. LOL!!

Tomorrow the kids and I are going to my moms to visit her. She had surgery a week and half ago and is still recovering. Gioia has been worried and wants to go see Grandma. We will be staying all night and coming back home on Monday afternoon. I have to admit I am pretty nervous about it. Last time we were there my parents and I had a few words and disagreement. I think it will all be fine, but I have this nervous, need to walk on eggshells thing around my dad, (again for the 100th time). Sigh* it sucks. I am just going to be proactive and have planned things for the kids to do, to keep them busy to try to avoid any issues, namely them getting on my dads nerves. Also DH isn't going with along, so it will just be me. Wish me lots of luck!!

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