Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hello out there! I am sorry to have dropped off the planet for a week at a time these days. The nights are getting a little better, however the little man doesn't want to sleep in his bed. Neither does his sister. *Sigh*... most nights we all end up in the same bed. That part doesn't bother me as much as DH always seems to have to move to another bed for feet in his face or being crowded clear out.

We went to St. Louis Monday and Tuesday this week with DH's work. Yesterday we drove over and just hung out at the hotel in the afternoon, had dinner then went to the mall. Today we went to the Zoo. It was almost 70 and beautiful. We saw the elephants eating and drinking water right by us. Got to watch them feed the sea lions. We rode the train and many other fun things. The kids did well although I ended up carrying Dominic alot. I used to be able to have him in the sling, but he wants to get down and walk so much it makes it hard to take him in and out. I want a Sit-N-Stand stroller. Like this. It even says that you can snap in an infant carrier to the front for whenever we have another little one. So it would be great for now and years to come.

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