Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

How do you like my witty title? LOL! Just kidding. Ok. Since I am a total blog slacker this week i will recap.

Last sunday and Monday we went to my moms. It went much better than expected. Nothing of consequence happened and that is how we like it! :) Mom was feeling better and able to enjoy the beautiful 70 degree November weather we had. It was lovely. The kids played outside, we rode the 4-wheeler and cooked some meals. My brothers came and acted silly for us. Colt made my mom laugh so hard her incision hurt. That crazy dude. Imagine an over 6 foot tall college football player PRANCING around the dining room in his boxers and you will get a vivid picture of the wackyness that followed.

Tuesday we cleaned house and again enjoyed the nice weather outside.

Wednesday my Mother-in-law and Massimos brother Anthony arrived at our house. They stayed until Saturday. We had a great time visiting with them. Gioia slept with Grandma each night and I am not sure if she or grandma enjoyed that more. It was sweet.

Thursday we had Thanksgiving dinner here. The menu was Turkey (cooked on the smoker), green bean casserole, baked sweet potatoes, cheesy potatoes, salad, deviled eggs and Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake for dessert. All homemade thank you! My dad and stepmom joined us as well. We all ate too much but it was wonderful.

Friday, Black Friday! I decided to go try to get a few things that were on sale. I made my list and had it all planned out. I got up at 6am, grabbed an iced coffee and headed off. First i went to Walmart here in town. I try not to shop there on principle for numerous reasons. However, I made the exception because they had something i had been looking for quite a while. I only got 3 things, was out of there in no hassle and moved on. Target was next and I got a couple good deals. They had Christmas Story DVD for $5.00 but were sold out. Instead I paid a little more and got a 3 pack of Elf, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, and Christmas Story. So we enjoyed some great movie watching this weekend. Deck the Harrs with boughs of Horry! Ha ha! Then I made the mistake of going to Toys R Us. Oh boy. Parents are insane? Why do they spend this kind of money and time? The line circled the store twice. No joke. All I wanted was a 5 dollar item so I said Adios and left. Even worse was Joann's Fabric store. Dear lord. Who knew crafty people were also insane? When I got there I took a number for the fabric line. It was B 4. I wanted to look at and get a good deal on sewing machines. I figured by the time I was done with the sewing machine purchase I would get my number called. 30 minutes or more later, there were still all the A numbers 1-100 in front of me. NO thanks. No deal is worth hanging out in line for 2 hours. I can't say i wasn't warned. My friend told me she went one year and it was just like that. All in all, I got a few things I wanted. We went back to Target later in the day with my MIL and she got a couple things for the kids for Christmas.

Today, Saturday i got to go to lunch with my good friend Jackie from college. I was in her wedding and don't think I have seen her since. So it has been years! It was great and felt like old times again talking with her. They are going to be transferring (military) next summer and are really hoping to get sent back here to Kansas. That would be wonderful!

Oh and today we also got our Christmas tree put up. It looks good. Even better was that we sorted and got rid of toys. Now all the pieces are back together and we can find things again. All broken or not loved toys went away. More are coming in from Christmas I am sure.

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