Friday, November 09, 2007

Mama said there'd be days like this....

Ok. Actually nights. GRRRR!!! Dominic is driving me crazy. We were doing well on the not nursing during the night. Then he was sick last week and I gave in. The boy wasn't eating any solids. Now he is well again, I am putting my foot down. I just want to sleep at night. Not be an all night buffet. He is 2 years old. SLEEP DUDE! Then almost worse is the fact that I let him start "snuggling" which really means stick his hand in my shirt and hold my breast. Well it never works that way anymore, he pinches and twiddles and rubs around. STOP!!! AHH!!! It is annoying. SOOOO.... I said, we can nurse to sleep, but no nursing or snuggling at night time. Oh course it makes him sad, but I think we will all sleep better once he realizes it is a done deal. I mean a couple weeks ago he slept 8-4am before crying in Gioias bed with her and then the next night 8-1am and then 1-4am type stretches. Since then however, it has been waking up and being pissed off when I don't nurse/snuggle him. It is hard. :( So everyone be thinking of us this week as we struggle to enforce the new bedtime rules.

My mom had surgery this week. It was a planned surgery for some issues she was having. She is home and doing pretty well. My sister and brothers will be home this weekend deer hunting and helping her out. Her girlfriends came with many meals and some gifts. She has to be off work for 6 weeks so I think we will try to go up next week or so maybe if it works out.

Dominics face is finally healed up again after his fall on the sidewalk. So I want to try to get a few pictures of the kids and possibly the whole family this weekend. It is supposed to be 65-70 this weekend, so it will be a good chance to do outdoor pics.

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