Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sewing and baking

These are my favorite things to do these days, but my sewing machine is ancient and it pisses me off almost every day. I am asking Santa for a new one. :) I am working on 3 quilts. One I have the front finished, just need to quilt the backing on. I am going to ask my Grandma to help me. Then I have a second on that is from the Mile-a-minute pattern. It will take longer to do since I am using scrap material and making it for a full size bed. The third one will be for Dominic and it is coming along ok. I need to get some more material for it. I will post pictures when I get some finished products.

I am also making placemats for my step mom for christmas. Some other gifts for people that read this blog. *So I can't post the pictures now.*

Tomorrow is a homemade bread day at a friends house. Everyone is making bread, bringing the recipe and sharing it with lunch. I am going to make Foccacia Bread. I think I might also run to the store and get the stuff to make Spinach Artichoke Dip. I think that would go nicely together.

I hope to have some new pictures to post in the next few days.

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