Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tiziano Ferro

MMMM! He is delicious! Just found him yesterday and I have watched the video 3-4 times and I ordered his CD. Thanks to the wonderful world of internet, I found the lyrics to the songs and it is FUN!! It helps to learn to speak a language when you can sing songs and stuff. So here is a video of yummy Tiziano. This song is called "E Raffaella e' mia." It means Raffaella is mine. In the song he is obsessed with this Pop diva Raffaella, (who is a real person)and he wins this tv show for her to come to his house.
The words of the chorus go "E Rafaella canta a casa mia. E Rafaella balla a casa mia." etc.etc.. Means= R. sings at my house, R. dances at my house. etc. Words are very similar to spanish right? Some of you are probably thinking this. :) Anyway, watch and enjoy this great video even if you don't know all the words.

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