Tuesday, September 11, 2007


We are going to Italy. I am soo excited. We are going the first part of March. It is going to be amazing. We are flying into Rome, stay about two days, then take the train up to the north part where Massimo's family lives. Then stay with them for several days. Go to Venice for a day or two and fly out of venice. I can't WAIT! SO now I have the motivation I need to keep getting better at my Italian speaking. Gioia is learning it really well but is a little shy to speak it. I need to get my MIL and SIL involved in speaking it more when we are around. We are going to get involved more with the Italian Study groups that are in our area as well. How awesome of a homeschool adventure is this? Learning a foreign language and actually going to the country to be immersed in it. By the time we have to start keeping homeschool hours (age 7) then we should be doing writing in Italian and learning to read it as well, I imagine.

My sewing machine is on the fritz. The fabric feeder under my pressure foot is not working. GRRR!. So the material is binding up and not working right. Makes it damn hard to sew.

What else is exciting? We are meeting with our friends tonight that we are trying to buy land with. We are going to work on a contract to buy it. Then we will make the offer and see if they laugh or except it. Everyone think positive thoughts for us. Don't know if I am more excited to actually be out on the land with animals and such, or excited that we will have next door neighbors we know and love and homeschool too. Probably both! YIPPEE!! Oh and did I say the Berry Patch is down the street? Yeah, never buying store blueberries again! HA HA!!

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Jennifer said...

I bet that was a fun blog to write. :)

Such an exciting time, Jaim. Way cool.