Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Busy busy busy...

Man, seems like we been super busy lately. We are looking at buying land. We found a great place, now its just jump through hoops to make it work. That is the stressful part. Here are a couple pictures of what we are looking at. It is only 20-25 minutes from DH's work so that is a major bonus. It is on the Missouri side, that is Eh...Ok, not a huge deal either way.

Saturday I got to go to Whole Foods, Overland Park Farmers Market and the Recycling Center all by myself. I was gone two hours and it was very relaxing. I L-O-V-E the Farmers Market. I feel so good buying food there and its fun to walk around and pick your food out. The recycling center is pretty neat too. Basically it is just a whole bunch of dumpsters and you separate your things into the correct bin. It is just cool, because it makes you feel good and its all in one central location. I feel lame that i am just now starting to do my recycling 3 years after i moved back to Kansas.

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