Saturday, September 15, 2007

Line Dancing.

BRRR!!! We left the windows open last night and when we woke up it was 56 degrees in here. Yozza! We turned the gas fireplace on and we had warm pancakes for breakfast.

Today Gioia and I are going to a Bridal Shower. She is also the flowergirl in the upcoming wedding. We have two weekends in a row of weddings. One on Sept 29th and one on October 6th. Busy time. Both weddings are cousins of mine. DH and I will have our 7th anniversary on Sept. 30th. Not sure what we are going to do yet.

We went last night up to the town square for the Festival. Our town is having their 150th anniversary celebration. They had some square dancing going on. They were teaching the crowd dances as well. They were doing line dancing and Gioia wanted to do it. So she went up on stage with a bunch of other people and learned the line dance. She had fun and didn't want to come off the stage. :) I think she will do well at her dance recital this year. We didn't participate in recital last year. I didn't think she was ready for that. Being as this is her second year in dance I figure she will be more confident and like doing it. We told her when we left the festival that she will be going to two wedding soon. There will be lots of dancing. She was pretty happy about that.

Speaking of her dance class. Our next door neighbor (in her 30's) said Gioia's dance teacher Miss Leigh was her teacher also when she was a kid. Only the instruction was in Leigh's home and Neighbor thought she was mean and refused to go back. Well Leigh must have learned alot about teaching in all those years because she is excellent and the little girls ADORE her. But how "small world" is it that she was our neighbors teacher and now my daughters teacher? HA HA! That is like me, my step-dad and I had the same 1st grade teacher.

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