Sunday, September 30, 2007

Subsitute Flower Girl

We went to my cousin Travis's wedding this weekend. We were not supposed to be in the wedding. Just attending it. Well 5 minutes or so before it was to start, the bridesmaids came out and got me, my sister and Gioia (who was asleep). They needed Gioia to be the flower girl. Apparently the "real" flower girl had the flu. She was sick the night before and they had her in the pictures earlier in the day. However, she was still sick and refusing to do it. She is 2, the poor thing. So Gioia put on the size 2T dress (BARELY! LOL! ) we fixed her hair really quick. Told her what to do and she did it!
Several people didn't know till after the wedding that she wasn't the real flower girl. She walked down in her barefeet too because the shoes didn't fit. I think she was beautiful and did a fabulous job! The second picture below is Gioia and her Grandma (my mom).


Boo said...

that little girl is a pro!! can't wait til she can be our flower girl!! 6 more days!

Sarah said...

She looks like she was planning to be the flower girl all along. I can't believe she fit into a 2T!