Saturday, August 18, 2007

Give me a diaper...

We had a fun day yesterday. Our family from Iowa came down. They came to get their bikes we got for them. DH spent the evening in the heat fixing most of them. The kids were very excited. They have their new garage rebuilt now, so they have a place to keep the bikes. (They had a garage fire last April/May? A total lost of all of it and the contents.) All the kids ages 11, 9, 6, and 4 slept in the bunkbeds and cots in Gioia's room. Dominic slept with us. They totured, i mean played with the kittens and we also went swimming. They left this morning and headed home. We went for lunch at Korma Sutra, Indian food restaurant. It was delicious and they had buffet. The kids liked it ok. The 4 of us ate for 26.50 (including tip). So we were happy about that.

Dominic is trucking along with the potty learning. He did something weird yesterday. He didn't poop. He is usually a really regular guy. Then last night we has whining and pulling at his bottom. So i tried to put him on the potty and he didn't want to. Then he fell asleep and I put a diaper on him. This morning we took off the diaper, peed on the potty and put underwear back on. Later he made a small poop on the floor. I was like OH NO. So i tried the potty and he wouldn't go and he was crying about it. Finally i said, do you want a diaper? He agreed and then he walked over behind the table and pooped in it. Poor little guy! I think we HELD it yesterday. He is doing so great I don't want to traumatize him with the poop issue. For now, if he wants to poop in a diaper, so be it.

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